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Wool Cashmere Cape in Moss Green


A Winter cape of super delicious wool fabric. Fabric has a soft downy feel and it's all natural. 

The design is so you can stay warm but not get overwhelmed by impractical layers. The hemline is shaped to go up where your hands come out (practical!) and down at the back (warm). The cape has a wide neck for ease of putting it on. And the neck is long (so it have plenty of volume (warmth).

The seams are all at the back (nicer silhouette).

It is not heavy, but is a tight weave so it's more windproof. It is soft and a medium weight. 

Fun and lovely, elegant enough to wear to work & out. Sure to warm you this Winter and the Winters beyond. With good care, wool garments are sure to last for years and years. 

    • Wear this anywhere, across occasions. BelFin's patterns are favoured by hundreds of women. And for many people they last for years and years as they are made in styles that don't date and in durable fabrics.
    • See our testimonials!
    • Hand wash or  Dry cleanable.

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